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Analog AM Band Interference in Electric Vehicles
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Full Description:
There is an effort in the US Congress to require automakers to maintain AM radio in all vehicles, including new electric vehicles (EVs). However, the nature of EVs and their operating conditions, including acceleration and deceleration, pose a challenge to ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) with the analog AM band radio. This study, conducted by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), shows that mitigating electromagnetic interference (EMI) in an EV is challenging and could lead to added costs for vehicle manufacturers. The cost of mitigation depends upon the electrical architecture of the vehicle and entails several design and engineering tradeoffs. Automakers may mitigate some EMI through vehicle engineering choices, including shielding, filtering, active noise cancellation, and strategic placement of components. These mitigation techniques can improve analog AM band reception. However, a total vehicle system EMC requirement would need to be included from the beginning of any future EV redesign, if not already considered by the automakers, to eliminate the need for piecemeal late-stage mitigations. These costs can be avoided by deleting analog AM radio from vehicles and providing consumers with alternative products for in-vehicle audio content.
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