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Check out what CAR has been checking out! We asked some members of the Center for Automotive research team to share what they have been reading, watching, or listening to recently.
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Alan Amici

President & CEO

What Alan is Checking Out: 

Alan’s Thoughts:

Checking out the challenges automakers face of in-sourcing software. Is the combination of new EE architectures, the transition to EV propulsion, and the philosophy of software-defined vehicles disruptive enough that layering software in-sourcing on top of it all is a bridge too far?  
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Tyler Harp

Industry Analyst

What Tyler is Checking Out: 

Tyler’s Thoughts:

In the podcast, it is noted that this transition will not be painless for the industry – likely why Shawn Fain made the EV transition a key point in negotiations. However, we have noticed recently that some automakers are easing off the EV charge and putting their foot back a bit more on the gas, so to speak. Ford paused $12 billion of EV investment, GM is slowing EV production, and even Tesla is warning of a slowdown in demand. Perhaps automakers are also starting to feel the pain that will be part of this industry’s transition. On the other hand, there has been news that may help drum up demand among car traditionalists: Toyota has developed a faux manual for EVs that can bring back the experience of stalling out your car.  
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Cullen Smith

Industry Analyst

What Cullen is Checking Out:

Cullen’s Thoughts:

It is called “Overhaul” by Steven Rattner and it is a really interesting exploration of the government-private sector relationship during the 2008-2009 financial crisis as it relates around the Big 3 and autos. Rattner’s perspective examines the challenges faced by the Big 3 and the role of the U.S. government in responding to the economic crises they faced. It’s especially interesting because it looks at each side’s decision-making processes, negotiations, and political and public perception.  
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Sam Begosso

Research Assistant

What Sam is Checking Out:

Sam’s Thoughts:

As I learn more about this growing sector, it has become apparent that the industry’s development is closely intertwined with the burgeoning EV battery manufacturing sector, with innovations on both fronts pushing the other further as well as the boundaries of environmental responsibility. One notable challenge, however, is the significant impact of transportation costs on the efficiency of recycling processes. This could be a large barrier to growth in the future given the enormous physical weight of batteries. Yet, if the industry could mitigate these large costs, this could be an excellent way to work around lithium mining as a limiting factor and decrease the stress on battery supply chains.  
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